About Us

“A woman who knows her worth is a dangerous one.” 

Girl Dangerous has been a vision in the making for quite some time. Hidden behind the scenes of the brand Kid Dangerous, I was struggling to find my voice within a company of all men. This collection is the embodiment of what rising to the challenge and fighting for women’s rights is all about.

Launching with our statement collection “emPOWERed women,” our brand wants to celebrate strong women who are making their voices heard. We believe in supporting, motivating, and inspiring our sisters.

Being a powerful woman does not mean you have to diminish your feminine style. Women are hardly contained to one characteristic. We are loving, we are flirty, we are composed, we are strong, we are shy, we rock out, we are poised. There are so many different aspects of our essence that make us whole, and we wanted to create a brand that reflects all of that. 

We challenge all of our customers to find their voices and support one another. If you want to be featured in our diary and tell us your story of how you’re building your legacy, reach out to us on our contact page. We would love to hear from you.

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Girl Dangerous