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Quarantine Diaries by Missy

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Hi friends!! The past two months I have been working on a little home project, the quarantine diaries! My goal was to capture friends outside of their homes and ask them the question “What is one thing they will take away from this whole pandemic?”

Girl Dangerous Quarantine Diaries


She said her biggest lesson learned so far is not to take the small things for granted.  Like her drive to school and the ocean view she got to see everyday on her way 🌊❤️.


Quarantine Diaries Girl Dangerous

@mammafolk & @mr.metzican family

Her takeaway from this experience is that time is precious and to really enjoy it. These are moments we will never get back. Her husband @mr.metzican stated that he has a greater appreciation for what Valerie does as a mother everyday for their kids 💛.


Girl Dangerous Quarantine Diaries


She says that creating a routine and sticking to it has helped her get through these days. She practices yoga on the daily and has scheduled a weekly zoom wine night with her friends!!


Girl Dangerous Quarantine Diaries

@kaylanevarezzz & @zachweismannn

Zach said that this experience has taught him it’s okay to slow down and not to take his friends/family company for granted.

Kayla is reevaluating her life before quarantine. This experience has given her time to reflect on where she wants to go. A push to leave her complacent life before and chase her true passion instead, music!


Written and photographed by Missy Barbone.