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Funk It Up: a collection by @missssayy

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Get to know Missy Barbone (@missssayy) the creative behind our latest collection - FUNK IT UP.

Girl Dangerous Funk It Up Blog

What was your inspiration for this collection?

My inspiration behind the collection was myself and my own instagram feed. My love for nostalgia and retro design is what creates my entire Instagram feed, so to see that moved from my feed into an entirely new medium of art, has been an incredible experience!

What’s your personal favorite piece from this collection?

I would have to say my personal favorite design from the collection would be the “babes in boots”. I was specifically inspired by a shoot I did and seeing it recreated on T-shirt has been cool. 

“A women who knows her worth is a dangerous one” is our motto - what does that mean to you?

This slogan in particular is my favorite. The slogan symbolizes knowing your worth and that’s extremely important because knowing your worth empowers you. 

Girl Dangerous Blog Funk It Up

What do you love about Girl Dangerous?

I love that we are a small, creative, and driven team with big hearts and a passion to grow an authentic brand.