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Carmella Dangerous

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We are so excited to launch our interview series, shot by the lovely Haley Brinkerhoff, with one of our favorite females: Carmella Rose. Carmella and I met a few years ago on another shoot for our brother brand Kid Dangerous. Carmella shot for us a few times, while I styled and we became good friends outside of work.

For this shoot we decided to go super minimalist and I had Carmella wear outfits from her own closet to show her true funky rock style. One thing that I've learned about her is her passion for our planet. She has stopped using plastic and loves to teach those around her why they should too. 

Carmella has blossomed and made a name for herself since we first met and everyone in the Girl Dangerous family couldn't be more proud of her and we are excited to see what's in store for her future. She has a heart of gold and is always a great cheerleader for those around her and we are so grateful to have her in the Girl Dangerous family <3

Here's way you can start to live a plastic-free life: