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Book Club: Spring Reading

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Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann

This is such a beautiful read to me because it’s written from a woman’s perspective. The valley of the dolls movie sucks. Like sucks. It was all about the male relationships whereas he book is about the women’s. It’s so intimate and dirty and tasteless and fabulous. It’s all the drama and drugs you want from a reality show but strung out over cities and time in a world that doesn’t exist anymore.


Tonight I'm Someone Else by Chelsea Hodson 

This book of essays made me feel like I was reading my own diary but in a way that made sense of all the questions I was constantly asking it. Connecting the dots from her past to her present, Hodson's voice makes the whole book feels like one big nostalgic trip back through a gritty, yet inviting adolescence. 


Just Kids by Patti Smith

This book will make you fantasize about quitting your day job, moving to NYC and falling in love w/ the first artist you meet. Patti Smith chronicles her love and life with artist Robert Mapplethorpe as they navigate their way through their early 20's together. Snapshots of the two together are throughout the book along with several other historical easter eggs.


Hold Like Owls By Julia Koets 

This southern poetry book reads like the first glass of lemonade on the hottest day of summer. With every verse Koets moves us from past to present, letting your emotions fold in on themselves with every new poem. A hidden treasure amongst a sea of other poetry books, this book will hold a special place on your bookshelf long after you've finished it. 

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle 

Ready for a change of mindset this spring? Ready to learn how to meditate without an app? This is the book for you. Tolle delivers better tools and advice for managing emotions, relationships and your ego than most therapists these days. The first chapter can be a little tough to get into, but sit with a pen and take it a chapter at a time and I guarantee you will be a more self aware, happy human when you finish it.